Hand of Fatima Louha Hamsa with Wheat Symbol Amulet-09

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  • Hand of Fatima Louha Hamsa with Wheat Symbol Amulet-09
  • Measurement Approx. 4 1/4" x  2 1/2".
  • Material: Hand etched 92.5 Sterling Silver
  • A traditional Louha amulet in the shape of a door or mihrab (prayer niche). containing a hand-engraved Arabic inscriptions inside Magic Wheels. 
  • The "feathery" shape beneath the Hand of Fatima is the Berber symbol for Wheat. Wheat and it's symbolism is associated with Life (because of it growing sheath) and Death (because of the seeds being buried in the ground).
  • Origin is Morocco, mid-20th Century.
  • The Berber language has not been written until fairly recently except as short inscriptions on monuments. The Berber alphabet that was used for this task in antiquity is called Tifinagh which means ―"our discovery or our invention”. and consists of a number of geometric-looking phonetic symbols. It is probably derived from the Phoenician alphabet and has only symbols for consonants. Some Berber activists have tried to augment the consonant symbols with vowel symbols. This modern form of Tifinagh is sometimes heroically used to write Berber, most often only by the Berber activists. Most people who are literate in Berber use the Latin letter system for writing Tamazight.