Gris-Gris Sterling Silver Protective Amulet 6

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  • Gris-Gris Protective Amulet 6
  • Approx. silver 30mm long x 14mm wide and 40mm long x 17mm wide, leather 41mm long x 22mm
  • 92.5% sterling silver
  • With adjustable cotton cord ( 19" to 35")
  • Contemporary 92.5 Sterling Silver cast from a vintage original, dating from the early 20th Century.
  • The Gris-Gris are believed to originate in West Africa and were associated with Islamic Traditions and well as Animist Religious Beliefs. Animism (from Latin Anima, "Breath, Spirit, Life") is the world's oldest religion. Animism teaches that objects, places, and creatures all possess distinctive spiritual qualities. Animism perceives all things—animals, plants, rocks, rivers, weather systems, human art and creative objects, and perhaps even words—as Animate (having life).
  • Originally the Gris-Gris were adorned with Islamic Scripture used to ward off Evil Spirits (Evil Djinn) or bad luck. Historians of the time noted that they were frequently worn by non-believers and believers alike, and were also sometimes found attached to buildings
  • Although the exact origins of the word Gris-Gris are unknown, some historians trace the word back to the African word "juju" meaning fetish. It has otherwise been attributed in scholarly sources to the Mandingo word meaning "Magic."