Mahakala Brass Skull Necklace

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  • Mahakala Brass Skull Necklace
  • Mahakala, a wrathful Deity, is considered to be the fierce and powerful emanation of Avalokiteshvara, the Bodhisattva of compassion. This Deity defends the Dharma (the Path of Righteousness) from corruption and degeneration and from forces hostile to it, and keeps the rituals free from impure thoughts and actions. He is believed to guide and protect the individual practitioner from all kinds of deception and delusion, and bestow the power to overcome life struggles.
  • In Tibetan, Indian and Nepalese monasteries, offering pujas to the great protector Mahakala and entourage are performed in the evening. At the end of every year, it is traditional for all Tibetan monasteries to perform the year-end Mahakala Grand Puja and Sacred Dance. This necklace is the centerpiece of Mahakala dancer's costume, and depicts the Five Skulls and Vanquished Demons. The Five Skulls represent the transmutation of the five negative afflictions of human nature into positive virtues. Thus:

    a). Ignorance transforms into the wisdom of reality.
    b). Pride becomes the wisdom of sameness.
    c). Attachment becomes the wisdom of discernment.
    d). Jealousy becomes the wisdom of accomplishment.
    e). Anger becomes mirror like wisdom.

  • Materials: beautifully rendered hand hammered Skulls and Demons Heads approx in size, stitched onto a heavy cotton and satin brocade yoke measuring approx in size.

  • Origin is Tibet
  • Total length: (End to End) 58"
  • Skulls range from 3-4" across and approx. 3-4" long