Afo Zoomorphic Mating Chameleon Dance Crest, Nigeria

$ 1,385.00

  • Afo Zoomorphic Mating Chameleon Dance Crest, Nigeria
  • A finely carved wooden headdress with zoomorphic forms entwined in an openwork form, on conical base to be worn as a Headdress. The Headdress has been painted with kaolin clay and laundry blue pigments. Afo People, Nigeria, Africa.
  • Measurements: The dance crest measures 13 x 8 inches.
  • Condition:  Excellent. Visible signs of use and handling. Minimal to no deterioration.
  • Provenance: Ex William Wright Gallery, New York, Ex Eugene Netzer Collection, New York .
  • The Chameleon among many African Tribal Groups  is a powerful motif and an important symbol. Images representing two Chameleons mating, symbolize the duality of the sexes, male and female, and fertility and procreation.
  • In the Cultural Cosmic Order of Tribal Peoples, Chameleons' physical features and behavior are transposed and serve as images for the Initiator's teachings.
    Due to its physically mutating nature, the Chameleon's tremendous facility of adaptability to its surroundings to protect itself from predators is a symbol of wisdom. The chameleons are detailed with cowrie-shaped eyes and are believed to possess extremely powerful eyesight.