San Pasqual Bailon - Kitchen Saint 19th Century Mexican Retablo #144

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  • San Pasqual Bailon - Kitchen Saint 19th Century Mexican Retablo
  • San Pasqual is recognized as the Patron Saint of Cooks, Kitchens, and Shepherds. "I joyfully celebrate the food I am given. May it deeply nourish everyone I feed."
  • Retablo dimensions are approx. 14 inches vertical x 10 inches horizontal. 
  • To help support his Family, Pasqual was hired out by his father to tend the flocks of others. Some of his companions were much inclined to cursing, quarrelling, and fighting; but learnt to hold their tongue in his presence since they respected his pious nature and his virtue. He was extremely honest, even offering to compensate owners of crops for any damage that his sheep caused. Not having any other means to relieve the poor, he always gave them a part of his own dinner which was sent him into the fields
  • In 1564 he joined the Reformed Franciscans as a Religious Brother. He was urged to become an ordained priest but he felt that was not the path for him.
  • He had never more than one Habit, and that always threadbare; he walked without sandals in the snow. He accommodated himself to all places and seasons. His jobs included serving as a Cook and Gardener as well as the official Beggar who went around asking for Alms. As Porter his duties entailed tending to the poor who came to the Friars' door. Paschal gained a reputation for his remarkable humility, unfailing courtesy, and generosity.
  • He died on 17 May 1592 after falling ill. His feast day is 17 May.