Archangel Raphael and Four Donors Spanish Colonial Retablo

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  • Archangel Raphael and Four Donors Spanish Colonial Retablo
  • Materials: Oil on Tin 
  • This painting features the Archangel Raphael wearing a yellow tunic and a red mantle as he stands on top of and among slylised clouds. He is generally known as a Healer and is often depicted carrying a Staff (seen here in his right hand) and a Fish (seen here in his left hand).
  • The Fish Attribute comes from a story recorded in the Book of Tobit (Tobias): after having been expelled from Israel, Raphael had been sent by the Lord to heal Tobit of his blindness, so he told Tobias to catch a fish. Raphael then used its gallbladder to heal Tobit's eyes and to drive away Asmodeus (King of Demons) by burning its heart and liver so that his Daughter-in-Law Sarah could return home safely.
  • Raphael is considered the Patron Saint of Healers, Medical Workers and Matchmakers. Four Donors flank His image: two men kneel on the left and two women on the right.
  • Measurements: ca. 25.5cm x 35cm
  • Condition: Good to poor. Some rust and scratched paint. Each of the four corners are worn away, and the bottom right and top right ones are turned in a bit.
  • Otherwise a fine Retablo in a very RARE Depiction of San Rafael
  • Origin is Mexico