Prayer Scroll "Takrut" with the Thai Three Sacred Metals Amulet Red Cord

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  • Prayer Scroll "Takrut" with the Thai Three Sacred Metals Amulet Red Cord
  • "Takrut" is a type of rolled sheet metal amulet usually shaped like a stick or cylinder. The metal sheets are inscribed with magic words and symbols which are believed to strengthen and protect the powers of the wearer from physical wounds or bodily damage, as well as ward off any evil or black magic. Being made from metal, the Takrut is also believed to attract luck and good fortune.  A particularly masculine amulet, the Takrut is mentioned in Thai folklore to deflect and protect the wearer against attack by weapons. Takrut means literally "magic stick".
  • Takrut are historically worn by warriors, athletes, and people exposed to danger or having dangerous professions. According to Thai folklore, they have the power to render the wearer Invincible.
  • Combinations of the Three Sacred/ Precious metals, gold silver and copper, are believed to imbue the wearer with powers to attract wealth, good fortune and ease in handling money.
  • Measure approx
  • Material: rolled sheet copper, rolled sheet brass (to represent gold) and rolled sheet tin (to represent silver) bound by braided cotton cord.
  • Origin is Thailand
  • Bead Length : Approx 2.25" long and .25" wide or 5mm
  • Length: (String to String): 4.25" Long