Mae Hong Prai Catarina Thai Amulet -64

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    • Mae Hong Prai Catarina Thai Amulet -64
    • Measure Approx. 2 3/4" tall x 2 1/2" wide x 7/8" thick
    • Materials: hand cast clay painted by a Master Amulet Maker, painted and adorned with Sacred Yants and Ritualistic symbols, suspended in oil inside a custom plastic case.
    • Mae Hong Prai is believed to have been a female person who died a tragic and sudden death. This unfortunate occurrence is believed to create an extremely powerful spirit that sometimes remains in the earthly realm as a wandering, unanchored spirit or ghost. Mae Hong Prai amulets are believed to offer a positive and often loving resting spot for these spirits, that if cared for properly with love and devotion, provide an enormous benefit to their owner's/ caretakers.
    • Mae Hong Prai amulets often take the appearance of an old female ghost who has the head of a skull and hollow red eyes or red gem eyes.
    • Mae Hong Prai amulets and charms are rumored as very powerful with opposite sex attraction, charm and seduction. An individual gravitating to this image might believe that this amulet has the power to help people gain merit for themselves and lessen their burdens in life.
    • Business People might believe that a properly loved and cared for Mae Hong Prai amulet might have the power to assist in improving business and might even help attract a desired customers and clients with wealth and means. She is rumored to persuade people to spend money with you and draw them in to your premises.
    • Gambler's believe she attracts good fortune, success in risky endeavors and games of chance. 
    • Handcrafted in Thailand