Punu / Tsangui Mask, Gabon #139

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  • Punu / Tsangui Mask, Gabon #139
  • Masks from Gabon are often called by the name of the rites in which they participate (Bwiti, Bwété, Byéri, Ngil, Emboli, Okuyi, Mukuyi...). They intervene in all the events that are vital for the community, in rites with a social aspect (mourning, funerals, illnesses), purification or fecundity rites (birth, adolescence, virginity), reconciliation and justice rites (to restore the authority of the chief, harmony within families, or to solve generation conflicts), or finally protection rites (which specifically aim to attract the good graces of ancestors or spirits...).
  • Measurements:  35×15×15 cm
  • Condition: Good