Bowenite Jade Monk's Head Necklace, B

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  • Bowenite Jade Monk's Head Necklace, B
  • Approx. 7/8" tall x 1/2" wide
  • Strung on cotton cord with an adjustable knot and an antique quartz and blue bead
  • Hand Carved in Thailand exclusively for Beads of Paradise NYC
  • This abstract bust has a charm and presence that is quite magical. The original artwork was an antique Burmese jade stone bust that might represent a Monk or Religious Figure. The first time saw the original piece, the gentle expression and soft details reminded me of a Meditating Monk. This wonderful Bowenite Jade replica was carved by hand and drilled to be worn as a pendant.
  • Bowenite is a hard, compact variety of the serpentinite species antigorite. Classed as semi-precious gemstone, it has been used for tools, weapons and jewelry by the Māori in New Zealand, and for jewelry by Fabergé. important deposits are found in several places around the world including Afghanistan, China, New Zealand, South Africa and the United States. It typically ranges in color from dark green to light olive green, and in shades approaching yellow. Bowenite was named by James D. Dana in 1850 after George T. Bowen, who analyzed it in 1822.