Antique Mapuche Sikil Pectoral Necklace

$ 850.00

  • Antique Mapuche Sikil Pectoral Ornament or Necklace
  • Traditional Mapuche Woman's Pectoral Ornament, known as a Sikil
  • The round disc shape at bottom evokes the sun, moon, and astral elements in Mapuche cosmology. This is connected to the wearer by the square plates, symbolizing the earth, its four cardinal directions and a link to powerful pillanes, ancestor and earth spirits.
  • The embossed domes on Mapuche jewelry, here surrounded by life-invoking flower petals or leaves, often symbolizes breasts or a pregnant abdomen, to enhance a wearer's fertility and femininity.
  • As in many cultures, the bells served the Mapuche to frighten away evil spirits.
  • The Sikil is believed to protect the woman's body and reproductive health from attack by pillanes, sometimes mischievous spirits, and more importantly, wekufes, or malicious demons and spirits.
  • 60% Silver by acid assay
  • Approx. 32" long hand-braided cotton cord, Pectoral piece measures 13.25" Tall.
  • Origin is Mapuche people of Southern Chile, ca. 1920.