Luba/ Zela Female Maternity Figure, Democratic Republic of Congo #19

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  • Luba/ Zela Female Maternity Figure #19
  • Once Subjects to the Luba Kingdom, the Zela Peoples adopted many Luba Customs and Traditions. Established between the Luvua River and Lake Kisalé, the Zela Peoples are now organized into four Chiefdoms under the supervision of Leaders of Luba Origin.
  • The Zela Peoples venerate a Primordial Couple, frequently represented in the statuary as Mythical Ancestors of their People, and dedicate offerings to the Spirits of Nature that surround their Villages..
  • In addition to their powerful Mbudye society, the Zela also have a Female Initiation Association called Kisungu. (Luba, Roberts, 5 Continents; "Treasures of Africa" from the Museum of Tervuren; "100 people of Zaire" M.L.Félix ).
  • Dimensions: 14.5 Inch height
  • Origin is Democratic Republic of Congo, formerly Zaire.