Pink Tourmaline Sri Lanka 4mm Faceted Rondelles

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  • Pink Tourmaline 4mm Faceted Rondelles
  • Approx. 15.5" long
  • Make this Gem Strand Into A Necklace
  • Price is per ONE SINGLE STRAND only.
  • The gemstone Tourmaline is the Official and Traditional Birthstone for October and as the stone for the Zodiac sign of Leo. October has two birthstones: Opal and Tourmaline. While both gemstones are available in a wide variety of colors, classic White Opals and Pink Tourmalines are the two most popular choices for those born in this Autumn Month.  
  • Known for centuries, Tourmaline first gained popularity when the Dutch began to import it in the early 17th century from Sri Lanka. Tourmaline was known by a Sinhalese name, Turamali, which is believed to mean "stone with mixed colors."
  • Tourmaline has strong pleochroism, which means you can see different colors or depths of color when viewed at different angles. Some crystals form with both pink and green. There is also rare red Rubellite; Indicolite with bluish green colors; Chrome Tourmaline is green, but is different from the more common greens as it's rare rich green color is trace elements of chromium; Canary Tourmaline is bright yellow Tourmaline from Malawi; Schorl is the name given to black Tourmalines which are the most commonly found; and the most costly type is neon greenish-blue color Paraiba, named after the state in Brazil where is is found.
  • Tourmalines commonly comes from Tanzania, Madagascar, Brazil, Australia, Sri Lanka, the U.S., and Russia,Tourmalines in folklore are said to enhance creativity among artists and increase self-confidence. They are rumored also to help relax the mind and body.
  • The healing properties of Pink Tourmaline are those commonly associated with mental and emotional health and self-love. Apart from being a calming stone that can help settle those suffering from mild anxiety, Pink Tourmaline is recommended to anyone suffering from heavy emotional pain such as heartbreak, grief or depression.