Ensemble 22: Vintage Shamanic Tiger Spirit Cloth with Suzani Cloth and Ikat Shawl - Each Item Sold Separately

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Vintage Shamanic Tiger Spirit Ceremonial Banner (mid 20th century):

 226" Long X 18" Wide

- 100% Handwoven Cotton with Embroidery

- Possibly dedicated to the Mythical Phu Jao Seua Saming Prai Tiger Spirit. The "Super Tiger" or "Magic Tiger" also represents Power, Skill, Strength and Prowess and is also seen in many classical Temple and Religious settings throughout South East Asia. The Tiger Spirit is often depicted in important Hill Tribe Ceremonial and Religious Objects, as well as in handicrafts and traditional lore and storytelling.

- Made by Hill Tribe groups in Vietnam

- Condition : Very Good

- Each Item Sold Separately

Ikat Shawl:

 -103" Long x 28" Wide

- 100% Handwoven Silk

- Made in Thailand

- Each Item Sold Separately

Vintage Suzani Floral Tapestry (ca. 1970s):

- 57" Long x 84" Wide

- Woven Polyester Velvet w/ Acrylic Embroidery

- Made in Uzbekistan

- Condition Good ; 7 rips counted throughout textile ( about .25 - 2.5" in length )

- Each Item Sold Separately