Black Spinel Earrings with Sterling Silver French Earwires

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  • Black Spinel Earrings with Sterling Silver French Earwires
  • Approx. 1 1/4" drop from ear
  • Bead Size Approx. 14mm x 11mm
  • Spinel is a family of stones, which in its pure form, is white. However, trace imperfections produce Spinel in virtually every color, the most valuable being deep red.  Since these red Spinel look similar to Rubies, and are found in the same locations, it was impossible until the late 19th century to distinguish between the two when X-Ray tests proved the difference. It was found that many historical “Rubies” were later determined to actually be Spinel. The name comes from the Greek word, “spinther,” meaning “sparkling.”  The folklore rumored metaphysical properties of Spinel depend on its color: 
  • Black Spinel may spark independence; Grey Spinel  may be good for communication; Green Spinel  may inhibit fear; Pink Spinel  may foster love; Peach Spinel  may build self-esteem; Red Spinel  may increase vitality and confidence. Spinel is found in Burma, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Tanzania, and Afghanistan.
  • Hand-crafted at Beads of Paradise NYC