Tiger's Eye Buddha Face Pendant

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  • Tiger's Eye Buddha Face Pendant
  • Approx. 1 5/8" long x 15/16" wide x 7/16" thick
  • Tiger’s Eye is a form of Chalcedony quartz, but is what is a known in mineralogy as a pseudomorph. The term comes from the Greek for "false form." Pseudomorphs form when one mineral replaces another. It began as the fibrous blue mineral called Crocidolite, which is made up of iron and sodium. The Crocidolite was gradually transformed into when quartz becomes embedded between the fibers of Crocidolite. This process can result in two different gemstones: a blue stone called Hawk's Eye or the golden brown stone called Tiger's Eye. Gentle heating can turn Tiger’s Eye a rich red color. In the course of the process, the Crocidolite is completely dissolved. But the quartz takes on the fibrous formations and this creates the parallel lines within the gem which gives it that effect of shifting plays of light; it is one of the "chatoyant" gemstones. Chatoyancy exhibits a changeable silky luster as light is reflected within the thin parallel fibrous bands. Tiger's Eye is mined in South Africa, Australia, the USA, Canada, India, and Namibia Ancient Roman soldiers were said to carry Tiger’s Eye stones for protection in battle.  Common folklore rumors Tiger's Eye may increase focus and mental clarity, and is a good stone for business people.
  • The Face of the Buddha image is serene with a gaze that is cast downwards and inwards as if in a meditation state. Wearing this type of amulet is a reference to accept the Buddha within each of us. The emphasis in this image is on the eyes; in traditional Buddhist teachings, if we are wise we can see beyond material things. It is believed that people can become distracted and deluded by greed, hatred and ignorance. These desires confuse and then lead us to suffering. People can become distressed, depressed, anxious and suffer. These things can be called the darkness of life. Only the wisdom to see truth within ourselves and outside ourselves will lead the world out of the darkness. This beautiful pendant also depicts the "Third Eye", which is believed to enable perception beyond ordinary sight.