Bloodstone Faceted Rounds Necklace 10mm with Gold Filled Spring Clasp

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  • Bloodstone Faceted Rounds Necklace 10mm with Gold Filled Spring Clasp
  • Size Approx. 22 1/2" long
  • Strung on silk cord
  • Hand-crafted at Beads of Paradise NYC
  • Bloodstone is an opaque dark-green form of Chalcedony quartz with distinctive red spots, which are caused by the presence of iron oxide. Bloodstone is also known by the name Heliotrope, perhaps because in ancient times the color was reminiscent of reflections from the setting sun. The name bloodstone obviously comes from the resemblance to blood of the red droplets.
  • Early Christian legend is that when Jesus Christ was crucified, the dripping blood stained the green Jasper at his feet, and this was the origin of Bloodstone. Bloodstone was widely used in sculptures representing flagellation and martyrdom, and was known at one time as the "Martyr's Stone". There are also some gemological myths associated with Bloodstone. In the gem trade, the termblood jasper is sometimes used to refer to Bloodstone. Many apparently reputable sources describe bloodstone as a form of green Jasper, or as containing red Jasper. But according to the most authoritative sources, Bloodstone is not a Jasper at all. Bloodstone was the original birthstone for March but has been replaced by Aquamarine. However, Bloodstone is still regarded as the astrological gem for Aries. The largest Bloodstone deposits are in India. Some believe the reason for the shortage of high quality Bloodstone is due to the fact that finely powdered Bloodstone is used as both a medicine and an aphrodisiac in India. Due to its name and appearance, many myths became associated with Bloodstone. It was once thought in folklore to be able to stop hemorrhages with the merest touch, and to relieve stomach and bowel pain. It was said to strengthen blood purifying organs and improve blood circulation.