Bamboo Beaded Curtain Hand Painted-Mud Cloth

$ 98.00

  • Bamboo Beaded Curtain Hand Painted
  • The curtain fits most doorways and windows, and can be hung outside the door or window frame to accommodate all size frames. 
  • The curtain can also hang flat on a wall as a work of art with motion!
  • Dimensions: 35.5" x 78" approx. 
  • Material: Natural Bamboo
  • Can be hung in a doorway, or flat against a wall.
  • Each curtain contains approx 4000 unique beads connected to make 125 individual strands attached to a wooden hanging bar. Each bead is painted in the round so the image is viewable from both sides at any angle.
  • Each beaded curtain curtain arrives fully assembled with 2 hooks on the top already attached. 
  • Hand Crafted and Painted in Vietnam