San Vicente Ferrer 19th Century Mexican Retablo #166

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  • Vincent Ferrer, born 23 January 1350 and died 5 April 1419, was a Valencian Dominican Friar and Preacher
  • For twenty-one years he was said to have traveled to England, Scotland, Ireland, Aragon, Castile, France, Switzerland, and Italy, preaching the Gospel and converting many Peoples.
  • Biographers believe that he could speak only Catalan, but was endowed with the Gift of Tongues, to converse and preach in many languages.
  • Saint Vincent is the Patron Saint of Construction Workers, Builders, and Plumbers.
  • In Retablo Art, he is often depicted as a Winged and Sainted Angel with a Crucifix and a Finger Pointing to God. Many Believers testified to have seen him assume wings and fly off comfort a suffering person while preaching.
  • He preached to Colette of Corbie and her Nuns, and it was she who told him that he would die in France. Too ill to return to Spain, he did, indeed, die in Brittany in 1419.
  • Breton fishermen still invoke his aid in storms, and in Spain he is the Patron of Orphanages.
  • Retablo dimensions are approx. 17.5 inches vertical x 13 inches horizontal