Hemba Soko Mutu Passport Mask, Congo #32B

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  • Hemba Soko Mutu Passport Mask, Congo #32B
  • Only two types of Hemba Masks have been identified: that of an anthropomorphic type with regular features, whose pointed chin recalls statuary, and those depicting Monkeys, the Soko Mutu, and whose functions remain little known, but which probably belonged, according to J.Kerchache, to the Secret Societies Bugabo and Bdambudye . The smallest versions (about 20 centimeters) are said to have been carried by hand during Rituals intended for the protection of the home and fertility. In addition to the Kabeja Janiform statuettes, the statues of male Ancestors, kept by the Hereditary Leader of each Clan, the Fumu Mwalo, are called Songiti. It was during the 18th century that the Hemba settled on the vast plains of the right bank of the Lualaba. Their Society consists of large Clans from a common Ancestor. The discovery of Hemba statuary dates back to decolonization and has only recently been differentiated from that of the Luba.
  • Measurements: 8.66 Inch
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