The Latest & Greatest: Fall Features 2015

Think Pink

The Madagascar Rose Quartz Brian brought back from his most recent travels has us all singing "Think Pink" like Kay Thompson in Funny Face for fall! While Rose Quartz is a perennial favorite due to its soft pink hue and loving energy, this version that comes to us from Madagascar is an especially vivid incarnation of pale pink.  It's also famous for its luxe inner glow, rich translucent color and subtle, captivating luster.

While we're not sure that Pantone or the world's fashion designers know about our latest acquisition, we can't help but notice that they love the hue as much as we do - it showed up all over the runways! We've gathered a collection of some of our most delicious pink semi-precious bead strands and jewelry into one spot for you to check out, so come on over and Think Pink with us! Shop Rose Quartz





We've been noticing that the love for the warm and sunny hues of Amber has been steadily on the rise in our shop. In response, we've stocked the store with some of the most exquisite and rare Amber that we could get our hands on just for you. These amazing colors are all natural!

Not that it's necessary for fashion and jewelry to be in sync - especially when it's something as classic and heirloom worthy Amber - but for those who may be reticent to wear shades of yellows and oranges, we were delighted to find similar hues strutting down the runway.

Although these pieces of Amber jewelry worn by Iris Apfel and worn in Michael Kor's Spring/Summer fashion show may look heavy because of their decadent size, Amber is actually amazingly lightweight!  While Amber is considered to be very precious and valuable, it is not technically a stone: Amber is fossilized tree resin. We carry a few different types of natural Amber, named for the region in which they are found:



Baltic Amber (succinite)

Baltic Amber is found along the shores of the Baltic Sea and dates from around 44 million years ago; it includes the most species-rich fossil insect fauna discovered to date. It contains about 2-8% succinic acid acid, so it also sometimes known as succinite.

Baltic Amber is considered very healing, and is often seen as a natural teething necklace for infants due to its noted analgesic properties. It's also known for strengthening the body's immune system and breaking a cycle of chronic inflammation.


Burmese Amber (Burmite)

Burmite is is from the Hukawng Valley in the northern state of Kachin in Burma. Historical accounts say that Burmese amber made its way from the valley to the Roman Empire via the Silk Road in China as early as the first century AD. According to  accounts, Burmite is could very well be at least 100 million years old!

This type of Amber is often very clear and is known for its darker colors of deep reds, sherry and burnt orange. Because of it's age, it is generally harder than other types of Amber and can take a higher polish. It is known for sucking negative energy out of the body and to clear the mind and body from stress. Rare Burmese amber is also noted for its uncanny ability to regulate digestive processes as well as bring a balance to your endocrine system.


Indonesian Amber (Sumatran)

Indonesian Amber is unique because of its tendency to have less inclusions,
it's darker color and, most of all, its natural florescence. Unlike Baltic amber which may often contain bits of bark, trapped air bubbles, and sometimes insects, Sumatran amber is relatively less included but features dark color areas within its reddish-cognac body that resemble leopard spots. In many cases the fluorescence is observable under normal light; it is of course much more intense under UV light.

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Starry Night

There is no doubt that Opals are amazing - they are the birth stones for October, after all! Most people are familiar with the stone, but not with the variety and breadth of colors in which Opals can come. Fire Opals, Grey Opals, Green Opals and Black Opals - the most rare. Each color is brimming with the interplay of different colors that sparkle in the light.

Brian brought back a slew of amazing Black Opals that can't help but remind us of a starry night; the Grey, Green and Fire Opals glimmer with colors that remind us of aurora borealis blooming across the night sky. We couldn't help but pick a few fashion ensembles that present a similar vibe - though these amazing Opals will go with just about anything.

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