Inspiration:  New York Fashion Week SS14

As September draws to a close and Autumn slinks into the city, we're looking to New York Fashion Week's Spring/Summer 2014 showings for a little inspiration.

It took only but a moment of poking through February's Fall/Winter 2014 fashion shows to catch the Beads of Paradise NYC vibe flowing through them; before we knew it, despite all of our day to day happenings, we found ourselves diving in and following the offerings of the world's designers. It's clear that designers in the U.S and beyond are captivated by the rich traditions and crafts of world culture and the do-it-yourself design fervor that has swept the nation, consistently incorporating these themes into their collections. We love to take inspiration from these talented designers, who reminded us how every wearable - in addition to beautiful - so many of the especially eclectic and eye-catching pieces perched upon the shelves in our shop can be.

We began the task of digging into the slew of fashion shows and, as we went through them, felt increasingly inspired both by the looks that had a very Beads of Paradise vibe, in addition to all of the ideas they spurred in regards to things we could make here in-store. Now, we're certainly not saying you have to copy something directly from the runway - we know so many of our shoppers have their very own well-honed sense of style - but why not take elements from a look, or a variety of looks at that, and let them be the jumping off point for your very own one of a kind design?

Scroll on for some of our favorite trends from NYC's week of fashion and get inspired!


One of the first trends that hit us during the round of shows was all of the Frida Kahlo love. Our frequent customers know how much we love Frida, with her face adorning some of our signature stickers and the bits of Frida that peek out at you throughout the store. We loved all of the Mexican and South American influences stomping the runways and how deeply cultures from around the world influenced the jewelry, patterns and colors.


Bold metal collars were prevalent on the runway, immediately calling to mind all of the outstanding statement making antique torques we have in the shop. They're quite outstanding pieces and we love seeing them worn.

A match made in heaven, leather juxtaposed with metal offers a clean, organic look while maintaining a contemporary vibe.


We loved the varied use of macrame and parachute cord on the runways. If you like this look, you might like to check out our case of macrame jewelry that's made in store. You can also have a piece made to suit your individual tastes or take our class to learn how to make it yourself.  Mix it up with leather and/or metal components for an individual, standout look.


Our customer is no doubt accustomed to seeing tassels on malas, but it appears that tassels are taking over the jewelry and accessory front, adding a soft tactile touch that moves with you to golden necklaces, belts and as an adornment to any ensemble. How might you like to incorporate a tassel into your next piece? 


A simple necklace with a pendant never goes out of style, but we were struck by the great lengths of many necklaces on the runway. We saw all manner of pendants, too, showing off how the sky is truly the limit when it comes to jewelry.


It's no surprise that we love these beaded pieces. Make them big, make them bold, pile them on and rock them with aplomb. You can't go wrong with this look, no matter how you want to interpret it.


Pearls were big on the runway and not just in the expected ways. You can wear your classic single strand of course, but you can also inject a little joie de vivre and quirk to the classic with lots of layers, putting them in unexpected places, or mixing them in with some other beads or stones. (A little leather and metal, anyone?)


Do something different and think out of the box! Beads of Paradise NYC is filled to brim with all kinds of raw materials and a talented staff that loves a design challenge. Maybe you want a standout individualized version of the growing-in-popularity first knuckle rings; a ear cuff or hairpin; a wire wrapped and chain belt or waist-piece; a unexpected bit of gemstone bling. We're ready to work with you, so come on in with your ideas!

We also noted some color and pattern trends that you could incorporate into your jewelry designs. Perhaps you like some of the colors you saw on the runway, but don't want to drape your entire body in them or buy a whole new wardrobe to incorporate some of the style elements? Jewelry is a fantastic way to update and elevate your style and bring some higher fashion elements into your everyday wardrobe.


Orange & Blue: This color combo came in many variations - feel free to take your own spin. 


Nudes with a Pop of Metallic & Color:  Adored the look of these subtle nude tones and the sheen of a metallic color or the brilliant pop of a color. You can use a lot or a little and make a statement either way. 


Black & White: This classic color combo was everywhere, especially prominent in geometrics and bold lines. They called to mind our selection of patterned beads that would be a fantastic addition to your jewelry collection. 


Purple & Green: From soft and muted to bold and bright, purple and green were a definite trend. You could create something in those colors here out of some fantastic glass or semi-precious stones, ranging from casual to black tie. 

Making Marks: These patterns all have a very hand-done feel and also called to mind some of our patterned beads and textiles. We also just like the idea of them and how they show the beauty of something organic, simple and handmade. 


September 30, 2013 — Emily

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