It took only but a moment of poking through February's Fall/Winter 2014 fashion shows to catch the Beads of Paradise NYC vibe flowing through them; before we knew it, despite all of our day to day happenings, we found ourselves diving in and following the offerings of the world's designers. It's clear that designers in the U.S and beyond are captivated by the rich traditions and crafts of world culture and the do-it-yourself design fervor that has swept the nation, consistently incorporating these themes into their collections. We love to take inspiration from these talented designers, who reminded us how every wearable - in addition to beautiful - so many of the especially eclectic and eye-catching pieces perched upon the shelves in our shop can be.


If you've been into our store, there's no doubt that we have a fantastic array of fascinating Afghan pieces; how to wear them and incorporate them into your wardrobe, however, can be intimidating to some. It doesn't have to be! You can don a simple (or not so simple) pendant on a chic leather cord and be on your way, or really pile on one or more of our more elaborate pieces to take any ensemble to the next level.


Many of the punchy colors and soft textured jewelry on the runway immediately called to mind our abundant collection of festive Hill Tribe jewelry. They're the perfect accompaniment to your ensemble as summer continues and trails into autumn and beyond. 



We loved seeing gorgeous golden Fulani bracelets and African trade beads rocking the runway! The extensive selection we have in-store is truly stunning and bursting with color and history - come on in and check them out, they're sure to delight.



It's really wonderful to see the way that prayer beads have become more popular; we could really see it coming with how huge of a hit our Mala Workshops have been, both when held at the Rubin, or right here at our friendly communal table. We've loved seeing them strut down the runway and watching colorful iterations pop up around the internet in look-books and high-end shops. Whether malas and prayer beads have recently piqued your interest, or if they've long held meaning for you, check out our extensive mala case in-store and online. You can always design your own, too, for a personalized look that rivals the top designers without the designer mark-up!

We love the gorgeous color and texture that incorporating feathers into your ensemble imparts. The stunning color of these rich blues and greens can also be found in our lovely and lightweight statement-making beetle earrings.





Inspired by Color

Many people see all of the beads in our shop and become totally overwhelmed. It's understandable, what with our thousands of strands and cases of loose beads in a huge variety of colors and materials. There were so many wonderful color combinations and trends on the runway, that we can't help but to be inspired by them when designing jewelry - it's a great way to complement the season's trends, or to incorporate some of the wilder combinations in a more subtle, wearable way. Check out our peek at some of the color trends we spotted and a sample of some stones combinations to compliment them.

A Particular Palette 

Interestingly, this selection of colors popped up on runways all over the world. Fun and bright, this palette is great for the end of summer and will look amazing as temperatures cool


Loud & Proud

Why not let it rip when it comes to color. The more the better, even if it clashes just a little bit. 


Luxe Neutrals

Neutrals? Boring? Nah. These combinations are rich and luxurious, with a wealth of texture and dimension even in this quieter palette. 


Sumptuous & Subdued

Colorful? Yes. Loud? Not so much. These colors are without a doubt gorgeous but they don't quit hit you over the head - not so hard at least. 


Mixed Metals

We love the way that metallics are melded with these stunning colors.



Love a color? Why not stick to it -- just switch it up with a slightly different variant to make it really pop. 


Rise with the Sun..

..And pair blue with orange


Just Like the Sunset

In all manner of shades of red orange and purple, you can't go wrong with this lovely palette that calls to mind a brilliant sunset.


The Allure of a Soft Pink

Who says pink has to be expected or boring? Because they're lying.


Inspired by Style

Of course we were thrilled to see so many pieces of jewelry and accessories straight from the shelves of Beads of Paradise on the runway; we love that you could pop into our store or our online shop and pick something up truly of the moment. On the other hand, everyone who knows us knows that we're not just about selling ready-to-wear pieces -- we're about creating, too! We love working with our customers to help them to design pieces that are truly right for them. We couldn't help but notice some styling trends popping up on the runway, that just might inspire you when getting dressed or in designing your next piece of jewelry or accessories.

How could we not gush over seeing piles and piles of beads strutting down the runway? We have beads to satisfy most every yen, whether you want a thin strand of something sparkling and delicate or piles of larger beads and all manner of things between. You can spot them throughout our online galleries and in our online shop, but the best way to see the full breadth of our selection is to pop into the store.


Whereas last season we couldn't help but notice the plethora of extra long necklaces on the runway, this go around featured a noticeable focus on the neck. Chokers, neck cuffs and torques galore: all marched down the runway with aplomb, adding a little something special to each outfit and, of course, highlighting one of our favorite erogenous zones - the neck.


While last season reigned with lariat and delicate chain pieces, this season's chain work flowed much more freely. Lush and organic, draped and layered, these chains tumbled down from necks and wrists to a most lovely effect that could be translated so many ways.


Tassels and fringe - what could be lovelier? We're wondering if this rising trend is an offshoot from the growing popularity of prayers beads (and their distinctive tassel), or maybe it's just the texture and movement they lend. Whether you buy or craft one out of soft silk or nylon, leather or chain, you can't go wrong with a little tassel or fringe.



You don't need to tell us that piling on the bracelets is the best way to go - at Beads of Paradise, we just love our arm candy, as evidenced by our extensive selection of bracelets. Whether you go for semi-precious sparkle and stone, macrame or mala beads, cuffs or chain - we've got what you need.

We just love the simplicity of this trend. Who says that jewelry and accessories have to be elaborate? Come on in and visit our cord wall and find something you love and then tie it on - simple as that. Add a charm or amulet if you want a little extra something to make it even more personal touch.

You don't need to limit your cord use to jewelry - it makes a fantastically simple or delightfully chic belt or hair tie, too. Get creative!


Who said our beyond fabulous Thai Silk Scarves and shawls are just for your neck? Versatile, soft and cozy, wrap your body up in a colorful scarf as a blouse our belt. We also think this trend calls for the stylish and comfortable Fisherman pant.


We think this trend is interesting and true: who says you need two earrings or that they should match? Get a little creative when dressing or designing and dare to wear something other than a matching pair. We do it all of the time!




If there's anything that fashion week tells us, in addition to the wealth of street style blogs and the amazing personal style of many of you that come into our shop, is that anything goes. We hope this sets off a spark on inspiration in your mind, in your work and, of course, in your style as summer fades and fall arrives. Let us know what trends speak to you or send us a picture or your own interpretations via email or social media.