Journey to Africa August 2013

If you’ve checked out out the Our Story section of the site, you may recall that when Beads of Paradise NYC first opened we were an art gallery with a focus on African antiquities, textiles, beads and jewelry. Our current windows are a homage to that era of ours, with our spectacular feathered Toma costume as a striking feature.

The Toma Tribe originates from the Macenta region of Guinea, resting in the heart of the forest and surrounding by mountains. Their culture has a myth about a bird that brought power to human society, and it is this figure that is emulated in costume as a part of initiation of by young boys as adults into society.

Also featured are some fantastic African textiles, Ndeble blankets and aprons, power emblems, Afghan belts and some amazing custom feathered earrings.


August 23, 2013 — Emily

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