Yoruba Ere Ibeji Figure, Nigeria

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  • Yoruba Ere Ibeji Figure, Nigeria 
  • Date/Period: Mid 20th century
  • Materials: Wood, pearls, cowries, fibers
  • Dimensions: 9.84 Inch
  • In the language of the Yoruba people, Ere Ibeji means Sacred Twin: 'Ere' means sacred image, 'Ibi' for born and 'Eji' for two.
  • They represent the figure of a deceased Twin. This ibeji is then treated as the missing child would have been. It is the mother who must take care of him; she can wash and feed him regularly. If she dies, the remaining Twin takes over.
  • Sometimes a man would also have Ibeji carved for his wife to induce pregnancy. As a carrier of the Twin's soul, the Ibeji influences the life of the Family, becoming a source of blessings to it's parents, who continue to offer prayers and worship and libations to it.
  • These statuettes of Tribal Art are among the most famous works of the Yoruba People. Indeed, the occurrence of Twins among the Yoruba is stronger than anywhere else in Africa. This particularity has therefore naturally influenced and integrated their statuary. A detailed comparative study of the different regional styles was made by Fausto Polo and Jean David in the book Catalogue of the Ibeji.