Red Impression Jasper Double Wrap Bracelet with Quartz Shards

$ 165.00

    • Red Impression Jasper Double Wrap Bracelet with Quartz Shards, Hand Hammered Tuareg Bead and Golden Buddha Accent
    • Macrame clasp adjusts from approx. 16" -24" Long
    • Jasper Bead Size Approx. 12mm
    • Jasper is an opaque form of Chalcedony.  It usually comes in shades of red, yellow, brown, and green, although there are rare forms of blue Jasper. It often contains organic material and mineral oxides which give it interesting patterns, bands, stripes and colors. Many of these patterns resemble landscapes with mountains and valleys, thus the name "picture" is part of the name of many well know Jaspers. The name comes from Old French meaning “spotted or speckled,” and it is found all over the world.  Jasper was a favorite gem in ancient times, and was believed to be protective, and ward off evil spirits. In  folk medicine, it is rumored to be of help for sciatica and troubled toenails.
    • Strung on durable nylon cord with adjustable macrame clasp
    • Handcrafted at Beads of Paradise NYC