Tanzanite Shards Strand

$ 510.00

    • Tanzanite Shards
    • Approx. 16 1/2" long
    • Bead Size Approx. Range from 9mm x 7mm to 22mm x 10mm
    • Tanzanite is a rare gem of the Zoisite family. In its rough state it is reddish-brown, however heating it produces beautiful shades of violet and blue that are permanent.  Tanzanite is a very recently discovered stone, and is only found in one mine in Tanzania, East Africa. No other deposits have been discovered and since the Tanzanian discovery in 1967.  Prices of Tanzanite have skyrocketed in the past decade, since the mine is quickly depleting and there is no other known source. Contemporary stone lore sometimes calls Tanzanite the “work-a-holics stone,” as it is rumored to decrease anxiety, relieve stress, and help one “take it easy.”