Yoruba Shango Sceptre Tops of Nago or Holli Soothsayers, Benin #146, #147 SOLD AS A PAIR ONLY

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  • Shango Sceptre Tops of Nago Or Holli Soothsayers, Benin #146, #147 SOLD AS A PAIR ONLY
  • Fragments of Ceremonial Shango Sceptres of Nago or Holli Soothsayers
  • Measurements: 26 cm and 22 cm. (27×9×6 cm) 
  • Material and Condition: Fair; the Scepter Handles have worn off off both Figures. Light-weight wood with patina of wear, paint, damages and deterioration from long use and wear as visible in the photos.
  • This superb Couple represent Supplicants to the Orisha, Shango, The God of War and Thunder.  
  • Orisha Shango is a major Deity of the Religion of the Yoruba of Southwestern Nigeria, the Edo People of Southeastern Nigeria, and in the religion of the Fon People of Benin, who call him Sogbo or Ebioso. Many of the Yoruba Gods (Orishas), are both a Deified Ancestor and a Natural Force, both aspects being associated with a Cult and a Priesthood.
  • The Ancestral Shango was the Fourth King of the State of Oyo. Oral Tradition described Him as Powerful, with a voice like Thunder and a mouth that spewed Fire when He spoke.
  • The Natural Forces associated with Shango are Fire and Lightning. His most prominent Ritual Symbol is the Oshe, a double-headed Battle-Ax. Statues representing Orisha Shango often show the Oshe emerging directly from the top of his Head, indicating that War and the Slaying of Enemies are His essential attributes. The Oshe is also used by Shango’s Priesthood. While dancing, Priests hold a wooden Oshe close to their chests as protection or swing it in a wide chest-high arc. During Shango’s Reign on Earth, He selected the Bata Drum as the specific kind of drum to be played to honor Him. Shango is said to have played Bata Drums to summon storms; they continue to be used by his devotees for that purpose.
  • Origin is Benin