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Rare 16th Century 7 Layer Venetian Chevrons

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  • Rare 17th Century 7 Layer Venetian Chevrons
  • Venetian Chevron beads are the most recognized and collectable of all of the Venetian Trade Beads.
  • Chevrons beads are created in a multi-phase construction process. Beginning with the making of the cane or rod of colored glass, other different colored canes of glass are added on and then placed into a 12 point star mold. This process is repeated for each additional layer on the bead.
  • Chevron beads, also called "Rosetta"and "Star" beads have been made Venetian Glass Workshops since the late 1400's and are still in limited production today.
  • The Earliest Chevrons were typically 7 layers of color and this complex production ran from the late 1400's through the 1500's. The next production phase was in the 1600s-1700s and the layer count went down to 3 and 5 layer beads and the majority of these were heat rounded via the "A Speo" method. The Venetian Chevron production with the highest volume of beads was in the late 1800's and early 1900's. These beads were constructed as  4 and 6 layer Chevron Beads.
  • Chevron Beads were traded throughout the world, but most heavily in West and Central Africa. Dutch Traders and Merchant Houses were the first to bring Chevron Beads to Africa in the late 1400's. There are certain tiny 7 layer Chevrons from this same period which are only found in Peru and are attributed to being distributed by Christopher Columbus.
  • Chevron Beads are still being made in Venice today but in a limited quantities. They are also being made now in India and China but with different processes and qualities of glass. 
  • The layers of Chevrons are counted from the inner most layer (around the bore perforation) out to the outermost layer/ stripes. Layers are typically counted by the different colors. Older 7 layer beads are easily detected as the 1st layer (innermost layer) of the 7 layers is always a light transparent green color.
  • Bead size approx. (A) 21mm x 18mm, (B) 19mm x 20mm, (C) 19mm x 18mm, (D) 19mm x 18mm, (E) 21mm x 16mm, (F) 18mm x 18mm, (G) 17mm x 21mm, (H) 19mm x 20mm
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