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Prai Krasip "Whispering Ghost" Evil Eye Charm Thai Amulet -53

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  • Prai Krasip "Whispering Ghost" Evil Eye Charm Thai Amulet -53
  • Measure Approx. 1 1/4" tall x 1 1/2" wide x 7/8" thick 
  • Materials: hand cast clay painted by a Master Amulet Maker, painted and adorned with Sacred Yants and Ritualistic symbols, suspended inside a custom plastic case.
  • Handcrafted in Thailand
  • The concept of an Evil Eye Pendant, protecting it's owner against ill wishes, witchcraft, bad intentions from others, and deflecting harm from The Evil Eye (of course) spans many Cultures and Continents.
  • This powerful version is from Thailand, where it is sometimes called "The Devil's Eye", used to deflect evil away from it's owner and caretaker, but is also believed to be a lucky talisman as well.
  • Known in Popular Thai Culture among Occult Amulet devotees as "Tah Prai Grasip Maha Phoot", The "Eye Of The Whispering Ghost" is rumored to blink at any approaching danger, and to whisper luck, possibilities of good fortune, potentially even correct lottery numbers (for the fortunate few).
  • The "Eye Of The Whispering Ghost" is fabled as transferring the luck (and lucky information) to his owner and benefactor through their dreams, sometimes giving advantages and counsel in improving business and opportunities, and bringing you happiness and contentment.