Kuman Thong Shrouded Amulet In Oil-8

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  • Measure Approx. 4" long x 2 1/2" wide x 1 1/4" thick
  • Kuman Thong figures come from ancient traditional Thai Animist and Magical Beliefs. Popular Thai folklore tells the story that the original Kuman Thong came from children who died whilst still in their mother's womb. Practitioners of Magic would adopt these stillborn babies as their own children, and in turn, the spirit of the Kuman Thong would then become their Warrior Guardian and Protector.
  • Khun Phaen, a powerful magician and soldier, was the creator of the Kuman Thong. When his third wife, Bua Klee died during childbirth, Khun Phaen, overcome by despair, removed his dead son from the womb and spirited the remains to the nearest Temple. The Temple and it's outer area are so sacred that no mighty ghosts or spirits can enter.
  • According to legend, Khun Phaen was chanting sacred mantras to invoke the spirit of his son back to this world while burning the physical remains. The body of the child did not fully burn, and Khun Phaen covered the remains with gold leaf and Sacred Yants, Ritualistic Symbols and Magical Runes. 
  • The spirit that then arose from Khun Phaen's arcane prowess and powerful ritual magic was reborn as his Spirit Warrior, the Kuman Thong.
  • Kuman Thong as Khun Phaen's Son and Spirit Warrior defended him against enemy spirits and dark magic, acted as a spy in gambling rounds to attain Khun Phaen even greater wealth and power, tipped him at cock fights to always choose the winning bird, and transported him at great speeds to any destination Khun Phaen desired.
  • Handcrafted in Thailand