Ring Collection from Djenne, Dogon and Senufo People 18th to 19th Centuries

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  • Ring Collection from Djenne, Dogon and Senufo People
  • Seen LEFT to RIGHT SIDE:
  • A. Senufo Bronze Prestige Currency Ring in heavy hand cast Bronze. 19th Century found in Korhogo, Cote d'Ivoire.
  • B. Large and Impressive and Fine oxidized/ excavated heavy hand cast Bronze Prestige Currency Ring 16th-18th Century found in Djenne, Mali.
  • C. Dogon "Hogon's Ring" in Iron. The Spiritual Leader, often the Blacksmith of a Village or a region is called a Hogon. The Hogon, because of his skills with transforming iron into other forms is considered to possess great magical powers and is often considered powerful Sorcerer who lives as a Hermit in the higher parts of the Village, the part which is considered somewhat Sacred. The Hogon treats illnesses, performs Divination and Fortune Telling and represents the overall spirituality of the Community The Hogon is surrounded by many taboos: they are not to be touched, and live apart from the Community Areas and Village. The Ring was a Symbol of the Hogon's Office and might have been used in Divination or Healing Prescriptions worn by a Patient Client.
  • Ring size approx. 5