Tiv Snuff Ring

$ 125.00

  • Late 19th to early 20th Century Tiv Snuff or Tobacco Rings.
  • Lost wax cast brass Originals, each Ring is unique; no two are similar.
  • Fine aged patina from use and cherished care.
  • Origin is the Tiv People of Nigeria
  • François Neyt discusses them in his 1985 book The Arts of Benue (p. 200, photo IV.45). According to him, they relate to the “identity of the chiefs” or are “instruments of witchcraft”. In secular practices, these rings (while supported by the right and left index fingers of both hands simultaneously) were used to “inhale snuff”, as was witnessed in historical writing describing Tiv life and cultural practices. For religious purposes, “hallucinogenics” might have been “sniffed” to transport the initiate to the spiritual realms.