Google Meet Findings Crash Course

$ 85.00

Date & Time : 

Sunday, November, 22 1:00 pm - 3:30 pm

We're super excited to debut our Findings Crash Course held over Google Meet, perfect for these pandemic times, when it's not advisable to gather in person. Class kits will be packed up and shipped out to you, or you'll be able to pick them up in person at the store before the class. We're going to start small with 6 people in our first classes, and leave ourselves 2.5 hours, and will add dates and class student numbers, as well as adjust times as we see how classes in this new medium goes! 

Interested in making your own jewelry and the ability to repair and re-work your own? Our Findings Crash Course is the perfect place to get started. In a small and relaxed digital group setting, our lauded technique class will impart the skills you need to string jewelry on two popular materials, knot between beads for security and aesthetic purposes and basic wire-wrapping techniques. We'll talk about approaches to design and materials and get comfortable using our hands in working with small materials and tools. From the skills you learn in class, you will come away with the know-how you need to get started on designing and repairing your own: tackle that bag of broken jewelry, re-create that overpriced piece from a magazine or pull design ideas straight from your imagination. Let us help you get started!

On your end, in order to take the class, you will need a computer or smart phone capable of joining Google Meet (read the requirements from Google here), and a front facing camera/webcam should you want to be seen during class (you can also join so that you can see the teacher, but you won't be seen, only heard and visible when and if you choose). Supplies wise, all you need to bring to the table is yourself and any glasses that you may need when working with small materials - we will provide everything else! (You may want use the beading box as a "tray" to keep all your beads and supplies in while you work, or you can grab a shoe box top, a plate or platter, or anything with edges that you have on hand that will stop your beads from rolling off the table).

Our teacher, Emily, has been teaching this class in-person for 3+ years, has 14 years of jewelry experience, and will do as much as possible to make sure your class experience goes as smoothly as possible. Please expect that the class may feel a little more difficult if you are brand new to using you hands to make things than for those that are taking the class as a refresher -- and that's totally okay, practice makes perfect for everyone! Our class is the perfect place to get your feet wet, as they say. We feel honored to help you learn a skill, or to brush up on what you already know! 

Please read on to for class specifics and FAQs. 

You Will Learn About :

  • all the different findings and tools
  • stringing and clasping bracelets and necklaces using Soft Flex wire with crimp beads
  • pearl/bead knotting technique using clamshells
  • basic wire-wrapping skills that will enable you to create earrings/pendants using headpins and eye pins.

You Will Be Sent / Pick up :
  • All of the beads you need for class (a vial of glass seed beads, and a selection of loose decorative accent beads) to create a necklace, bracelet, and pair of earrings.
  • All of the findings to create said jewelry pieces. We offer a set in silver and gold tone base metal, so you can choose as you go. 
  • Flat-nose pliers, round-nose pliers, cutters, and a knotting tool
  • Bead organization box
  • A pamphlet that goes over a number the techniques we will be using in class.
  • A one-time use 20% discount on full priced merchandise valid for 1 month

We recommend that you are prepared to start the class on-time and have on hand any glasses or visual aids that you may need in order to work with the small materials used in class. 

Kindly include the participants names in the "notes" section when signing up online so that we know who to expect. Thank you!