Lord Chalawan Crocodile Spirit Figure 9

$ 485.00

  • Lord Chalawan Crocodile Spirit 9
  • Materials: hand cast clay resin painted by a Master Amulet Maker, and adorned with Sacred Yants and Ritualistic symbols.
  • Approx. 11" tall x 7 1/2" wide x 7" deep
  • "Krai Thong" is a Thai Folktale originating from Phichit Province, Thailand. It tells the story of Krai Thong (translates as courageous and gold) and the Crocodile Lord Chalawan who abducted the daughter of a wealthy Phichit man. The story was adapted into a play (Lakhon Nok), credited to King Rama II (1809–1824), and is so beloved it has seen various modern adaptations.
  • "Once upon a time, there was a magical underwater cave located deep under water where crocodiles live. Inside the cave, a magic crystal ball floated, shining so bright like sunlight during daytime. The crocodile lord who ruled this cave was called Chalawan (Thai: ชาละวัน) as named after the cave. Every crocodile that entered the cave turned into human form and needed no food.
  • Chalawan gained his position to rule the cave from his grandfather, after his father’s death in a fight with two other crocodiles. He had two crocodile wives living with him in the underwater cave. With his aggressive nature and his need for superiority, what he had was not enough. He wanted to eat human flesh unlike his grandfather who lived by the Buddhist precepts.
  • In Phichit Province, there were rumors that crocodiles had been hunting people who lived near the canal. One day, two daughters of a wealthy Phichit man called Tapao Kaew and Tapao Thong wanted to play in the canal. They did not listen to their father’s warning and went in the water. Chalawan who came out of his cave in the crocodile form to prey on humans saw the two daughters and fell in love. He then abducted Tapao Thong down to his cave.
  • When Tapao Thong woke up in the cave, she was amazed by the beauty inside. Chalawan, in the handsome human form, tried to make Tapao Thong fall in love with him. However, he did not succeed. Chalawan then cast a spell on Tapao Thong that she would fall in love with him and agree to be his wife.
  • Meanwhile, when the wealthy man discovered that one of his daughters got attacked by a crocodile, he was in great sorrow. He announced that anyone who could defeat the crocodile and bring back his daughter’s body would be rewarded with great treasures and the marriage with another daughter, Tapao Kaew. However, not a man could defeat Chalawan.
  • Krai Thong, a fine man from Nonthaburi, was trained to defeat crocodiles and had mastered the skills. He volunteered to defeat Chalawan and bring back Tapao Thong. He sailed from Nonthaburi to Phichit ready to fight Chalawan with the magic dagger given to him by his teacher Khong.
  • Before the arrival of Krai Thong, Chalawan dreamed about his death. He informed his grandfather about what he dreamt. That dream was a prophecy. His grandfather told Chalawan to remain in the cave for seven days. If Chalawan went out of the cave, he would face a fatal threat.
  • The next morning, Krai Thong started casting his spells on a raft floating above Chalawan’s cave. The spell cast by Krai Thong reached Chalawan, the crocodile lord started to feel impatient and could not remain in his cave. Chalawan swam to the surface and confronted Krai Thong. The battle started immediately, Krai Thong attacked first by stabbing Chalawan in the back with his dagger.
  • Chalawan who was badly wounded retreated to his cave. Both of his crocodile wives asked for help from his grandfather, however, his grandfather could not help. Krai Thong dove into the water and followed Chalawan down to his cave. When he arrived, he met Vimila, one of the crocodile lord’s wives. Krai Thong was a womanizer, he flirted with Vimala until she fled into the cave.
  • Krai Thong followed Vimala into the cave and met the wounded Chalawan in human form. The battle between two men started again. Chalawan could not fight Krai Thong and lost to him. Krai Thong finally killed Chalawan and returned to the surface with Tapao Thong. Tapao Thong then returned to her father who was happy to see his daughter still alive. Krai Thong was rewarded with great treasures and both daughters from that family."