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Fulani Authentic Amber Dowry Beads Necklace

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  • 19th Century Antique Fulani Amber Dowry Beads from Mali 
  • The necklace is composed of authentic Baltic Amber beads traded in North and West Africa for the past 300 years. Estimated age of these stunning authentic beads is between 100 to 300 years old.
    Baltic Amber has been traded in Africa for hundreds of years and has been particularly cherished for its rich yellow orange butterscotch color. These important historical beads became part of Fulani Womens' Dowry Wealth.
  • Traditionally, the Fulani Bridal Dowry included as much Gold, Silver, livestock and precious Real Amber as possible. Dowry Wealth was bestowed partly as the "Bride Price" that the Husband had paid and partly as a gift from the Bride's Family. Often, this important Dowry Wealth is passed down from Mother to Eldest Daughter. The Dowry was the woman's own "household bank account" and her "insurance policy" in the event her husband separated, was disabled or died before she did.
  • Traditional Fulani Dowry was prominently worn in public as adornment in the form of necklaces, earrings and hair adornments to display the Honored Status and Wealth of the Bride.
  • Length : 27"
  • Bead Size Approx. : 10 x 5mm to 24 x 13mm
  • This necklace is strung on Greek leather cord with a gold plated pewter button clasp. The beads were lovingly kept in their original configuration at the time of purchase in Mali, West Africa.