Cueva Santa 1

$ 800.00

  • Cueva Santa 1
  • Late 19th Century Original Retablo Oil Painting on Tin created in Mexico.
  • Retablo dimensions are approx. 10 inches horizontal x 14 inches vertical. 
  • Condition: in fair, original condition with some minor paint loss acquired over more than a century of use and devotional prayer.
  • The Sanctuary of the Holy Cave is located in the vicinity of Montmayor. The Cave, also known as the Latonero, is about twenty meters deep and was used as a refuge by shepherds. One of them had to leave there an image of the virgin, attributed to Fray Bonifacio Ferrer, brother of the famous Dominican San Vicente Ferrer.
  • A century later, another shepherd who spent the night in the cave recounts the Blessed Virgin appeared, and told him where he could find the image. The image, twenty centimeters high and ten wide, is a bas-relief of plaster in which the image of the Virgin Mary is reproduced. The image was the Radiant Virgin Mary, wearing the shroud of an old woman, a widow's outfit, which, despite the humidity in the chasm, has hardly deteriorated in the 600 years since its manufacture.
  • After 1516, the legend of the Holy Virgin's Apparition in the Holy Cave, the Cueva Santa, spread and many attributed miracles confirmed by the Holy See are said to have occurred there.