Cristo Entierro Antique Mexican Retablo

$ 9,500.00

  • Cristo Entierro Antique Mexican Retablo
  • An extremely rare and fine large size 19th Century Mexican retablo  of El Cristo Entierro translated The Entombment of Christ in Jerusalem's Church of the Holy Sepulchre.
  • Late 19th Century Original Retablo Oil Painting on Heavy Guage Tin created in Mexico.
  • Retablo dimensions are approx. 18 inches vertical x 15 inches horizontal. 
  • Condition: in excellent, clean, original condition with some minor paint loss acquired over more than a century of use and devotional prayer.
  • Note from Brian: I acquired this retablo in the year 2008 from venerable dealer and friend James Eddy. At the time I was building this collection, I had asked James to find for me something impressive. James responded days later that he had laid hands on "the Mona Lisa of Retablos", and I purchased this magnificent piece immediately. I have never found another example even close to the fineness and the unusual size of this piece. It has hung in my living area where I can appreciate it's stunning beauty every day.