Contemporary Spirit Lock Earrings
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Contemporary Spirit Lock Earrings Contemporary Spirit Lock Earrings

Contemporary Spirit Lock Earrings

As Shown
  • Contemporary Spirit Lock Earrings
  • Approx. 2" drop from ear
  • Weight : 11.3g
  • Spirit Locks are metal padlock shape charms worn around the neck, usually in back, by Hmong and Miao Hill Tribes in Thailand and Laos. They function as a Talisman/ Amulet to 'lock' the Soul of the wearer into their body in the case of illness, accident or spiritual depression or distress.
  • Traditional Hmong believe that humans have several Souls. Sometimes these Souls can fall into conflict and may even leave the body. A person could lose a Soul if badly frightened or in times of trauma or tragedy. Outside causes might allow or even encourage a foreign spirit to enter a person's body causing illness and physical, mental and emotional distress.
  • To rebalance and bring about a remedy, a Shaman would perform a Soul Calling Ceremony, casting out unwanted spirits or calling good spirits back into the patient's body. The wearer's Souls were then protected by the placement of a Spirit Lock Amulet. 
  • It was considered good luck to give newborn babies Spirit Locks to protect them from Evil Spirits, and these cherished amulets were sometimes worn throughout the entire life of the owner.

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