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"Tuesday Realizing Nirvana" Reclining Buddha Statue Amulet Figure 2"

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  • "Tuesday Realizing Nirvana" Reclining Buddha Statue Amulet Figure 2"
  • Measure Approx. 2" long x 1" tall
  • This small bronze/ brass figure is layered with black lacquer and rich gold leaf.
  • The Reclining Buddha is a pose that captures The Buddha lying down during the moment of his Mahaparinirvana (His passing into Nirvana), and represents The Buddha during his last moments of illness before leaving His physical form. With Reclining Buddha statues, The Buddha is seen lying on the right side facing west while his head is supported by his right hand.
  • The Reclining Buddha statues are not meant to bring about sadnessbut rather the Reclining Buddha serves as a reminder that all beings have the potential to be Awakened and Enlightened and release themselves from suffering by the Cycle of Rebirth. 
  • This is the "Tuesday" Buddha Image"
  • Certain events in the Life of The Buddha are thought to have occurred on certain days. The Buddha Images representing these events are also associated with the days on which they occurred.
  • In Traditional Buddhism, people who are born on a certain day of the week may be most interested in a Buddha Image corresponding to that day. This would be their "lucky" or "birth" Image of Lord Buddha.
  • Origin is Nepal