"Sunday Seven Days Looking" Buddha Statue

$ 48.00

  • "Sunday Seven Days Looking" Buddha Statue
  • Approx. 4"tall
  • The Sunday Buddha Image is standing with arms crossed in front of the waist with the right hand covering the left hand. This image is sometimes referred to as the "Pensive Buddha".
  • This is the "Sunday Buddha Image"
  • Certain events in the Life of The Buddha are thought to have occurred on certain days. The Buddha Images representing these events are also associated with the days on which they occurred.
  • In Traditional Buddhism, people who are born on a certain day of the week may be most interested in a Buddha Image corresponding to that day. This would be their "lucky" or "birth" Image of Lord Buddha.
  • The Pensive Buddha stands contemplating His achievement of Enlightenment and Liberation under the Bodhi tree. The legend is told that The Buddha stood still for seven days admiring the Bodhi Tree under which He achieved Enlightenment and Liberation from the cycle of pain and want.
  • After attaining Liberation, (Moksha), from this world’s inevitable sufferingHe examined the state of all living things and resolved to share His Knowledge and Practice and dedicated His life to helping others attain the same Freedom of Mind.
  • Origin is Thailand