Blonde Sandalwood 8mm Mala from Southwest Australia

$ 48.00

  • Blonde Sandalwood 8mm Mala from Southwest Australia
  • Approx. 34" long
  • Strung on stretch cord
  • Santalum Spicatum, the Australian Sandalwood, is a tree native to semiarid areas at the edge of Southwest Australia. It is traded as Sandalwood, and its valuable oil has been used as an aromatic, a medicine, and a food source. S. Spicatum is one of four high-value Santalum species occurring in Australia.
  • It is one of four species of the family Santalaceae to occur in Western Australia. It has a similar distribution to Quandong (Santalum Acuminatum), and is a hemiparasite requiring macronutrients from the roots of hosts. It has a shrubby to small tree habit, but can grow to 6 m and is tolerant of drought and salt. The foliage is grey-green in colour. The fruit of S. spicatum is spherical, about 3 cm in diameter, and orange in color. An edible kernel with a hard shell forms the bulk of the fruit; the shell is smoother than S. Acuminatum's deeply pitted surface. Germination occurs during warm and moist conditions.
  • Origin is Southwest Australia