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Bull Headed Phra Lersi / Reusi Ped Chalugan Pocket Amulet

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  • Bull Headed Pra Lersi Ped Chalugan Pocket Amulet
  • The translation of Ruesi falls somewhere between “Forest Sage”, “Monk” and “Wizard”. A spiritual descendant of the Rishi of India – who are known for writing the Vedas, the first scriptures that formed the foundation of Hinduism, and living lives dedicated to searching for enlightenment. Thai ruesi have practices tied to Hinduism and Animism, although they are considered Powerful Magicians and Healers among Thai Buddhists. Portrayed in ancient statues and paintings, Ruesi were once sought out to heal the sick, protect people against evil, and foretell the future.
  • The Reusi with a Bull Head is sometimes believed related to Kwai Wua Thanu Images. The Kwai Wua Thanu watch over your house or dwelling area, or mark a safe area around the the caretaker of the Amulet. Like the Bull itself, Kwai Thanu are protective of territory as well as the personal areas of the Amulet's caretakers.
  • Lersi is pronounced more closely as Ruesi, which is called in Thai, but originates from the Sanskrit term Rishi, meaning, a Vedic sage. During Shakyamuni's time, there were various Rishis who taught Him before he fully consummated as Buddha.
  • Approx. 1 3/8" x 1" x 3/8"
  • Material: Precision cast and hand burnished bronze.
  • Origin is Thailand