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Birth of Lord Buddha Statue

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  • Throughout the World, the Birthday of Lord Buddha is a festive celebration where local parades with many flowers and floats of white elephants are carried in the areas around temples. Small figures of the Baby Buddha pointing up and down are placed in bowls, and sweet tea is poured over the figures to “wash” the Baby. According to Buddhist legend, when the Buddha was born, He stood straight, took seven steps, and declared "I alone am the World-Honored One". The seven steps represent seven directions -- north, south, east, west, up, down, and here. It is interpreted that He pointed up with one hand and down with the other, to indicate he would unite heaven and earth. Mahayana Buddhists interpret "I alone am the World-Honored One" to mean "I" represents all sentient beings throughout space and time -- "everyone", in other words.
  • Material: precision detailed cast brass
  • Size : 2 7/8" tall
  • Origin is Nepal