Hoon Phayon Warrior Bodyguard Thai Lacquer Amulet with Sacred Yants

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  • Hoon Phayon Warrior Bodyguard Thai Lacquer Amulet with Sacred Yants
  • Measures approx:
  • A : 4" x 3" x 1"
  • B : 3 1/2" x 2 3/4" x 7/8"
  • Hand cut and assembled reed/ bamboo figure ritually wrapped with cotton cord by a Master Amulet Maker, painted and adorned with Sacred Yants and Ritualistic symbols.
  • According to one of Thailand's most revered era of history and legend, Khun Phaen was a very famous soldier for the King during the Thai Ayutthaya Period. When Khun Phaen's father died, his mother implored Khun Phaen to be a Ranking Soldier, following in his father's footsteps. To help set him on the path to future greatness, his mother sent him to an important Monastery to become a novice at 15 years of age. Khun Phaen was drawn to and excelled at knowledge of super-magic, and then left the Temple to ascend as a powerful and important soldier for the King. Khun Phaen was able to use his magic power to be invulnerable and unseen by his enemies. Thai people believe Khun Phaen could also use his magic to call the ghosts and spirits to help him to victory in battles.
  • Khun Phaen is renowned as the Father of Kuman Thong. But before his creation of Kuman Thong, he used his powerful magic to make Hoon Phayon for as a bodyguard, protecting his person, his house and his assets. This powerful magic and the knowledge, to create Hoon Phayons, was passed down thru generations of Monks and Shamans.
  • Hoon Phayon figures can be made from many materials such as soil, metal, bamboo, clay and fabric. Historically, Hoon Phayon was created to be a guardian of the house, office, farm and car from theft, as well as protecting his owner from black magic, evil spirits and misfortunes. 
  • Contemporary figures of Hoon Phayon can resemble a human doll, an old man or in extreme creations, a robot. He can be dressed or outfitted as a Muay Thai Fighter, a Warrior, or even a covered version of Phra Ngang himself!
  • The cotton thread color used in the creation of Hoon Payon will define the purpose of its usage. For example, red thread means the Hoon Phayon to take care or guard his owner, as well as the owner's house/ assets. In this capacity he might enable the owner with good fortune in games of risk or chance that might increase that owner's fortune and assets. Black thread is meant protect  the owner from black magic or misfortune. White threads are meant to protect and bring good fortune in business and business ventures to owner.
  • The magic used to endow Hoon Phayon's spirit is not invited from a deceased person, ghost or wandering soul, but instead is created from spell materials as mentioned above. Hoon Payon is a type of "robot" protector/ warrior created by a Master Amulet Maker spells and intentions.