Gecko Lucky Rebirth Amulet

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  • Gecko Lucky Rebirth Amulet
  • Measures approx.  1 3/4" x 1 7/8" x 5/8"
  • Material: Terracotta lovingly hand gold leafed and wrapped in hand crocheted waxed cotton cord.
  • Geckos are regenerative creatures, as many reptiles are. They change their skin from time to time, which symbolically represent reincarnation. This process is of a great symbolical significance. Geckos symbolize renewal, rebirth and fresh start. Trickery and shrewdness – Small lizards like geckos have to be cunning.
  • “It is good luck. ... Aside from that, Geckos are simply good luck. In Costa Rica as in many parts of the world, Geckos are welcomed. These useful and charismatic tropical lizards earn a roof over their heads by ridding the place of insects
  • According to Old Thai Proverbs: "Don't leave home if you hear a gecko! If you hear a gecko before you leave your home, it is a sign that you will experience bad incident. The lizard is warning you that something bad will happen to you, so you should stay inside."
  • Origin is Thailand