Welcome to Beads of Paradise, we are proud to have served our customers  for over 30 years. Not only do we repair jewelry for local customers, but we are also accepting repairs from Energy Muse customersPRINT OUT THIS FORM fill it out and send with your jewelry to: 
Beads of Paradise
16 East 17th Street
New York, NY 10003
(ATTN: Energy Muse Repairs)


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How much does it cost to fix my jewelry?

*Please refer to the labor fee list on the bottom of this page. If you don’t see your jewelry, feel free to send us photos and we can let you know the repair cost in advance of shipping. 

*For those who lost some beads and want  to know the cost of the labor plus the extra beads cost in advance, please contact us at : info@beadsofparadisenyc.com


How long does it take to get my jewelry back? 
*You can expect to have your jewelry back to you in approximately 7-10 days after the day we receive it.  However, some repairs may require us to order supplies to complete your repair. Therefore, it may take a little longer than the normal time frame. Most of the time, the repairs are completed within 1 week.


What if my package gets lost in the mail?
*Beads of Paradise is not responsible for lost or stolen packages in transit. We have been accepting mail- in repairs from Energy Muse’s customers  for 3+ years now. We advise customers to use their own discretion when it comes to their personal jewelry; either insure it or send it with a tracking number if you are afraid of it getting lost. Also, please make sure to clearly write a return address on the package.  That way  if there are any issues with the shipment it can get sent back to the right address (rarely happens, but just to be safe). Most customers ship out first class or priority mail. We normally don’t lose customer’s jewelry if it’s securely in our possession. 


 How do I pay for the repairs? 

*Please DO NOT send us a "Check". Once we have determined the cost of the labor fees and materials needed to complete your repairs; we will send you an invoice through a secured link for you to pay. If you prefer to pay over the phone you can write us a note when you send your jewelry in and we will call you as soon as we calculate the total cost of your order. 


Can I provide my own return label for you to ship my jewelry back?
*Yes, of course you can do that. 


Can you lengthen or Shorten my Jewelry?
*Yes, we can. Please be very specific when it comes to lengths. Everyone has their own personal preference when it comes to comfort and aesthetic, whether it’s on their wrists or necks. When you measure; it you should measure including the clasp ( end to end); the farest right to the farest left the clasp included and measure using inches please. If you want us to add more beads we can choose either the same beads or similar beads. For those who want to shorten their jewelry, we will simply remove the beads and keep the same pattern as its original. For those customers who want to lengthen their Jewelry, we can send you the photos of the additional beads per your request. However, most customers want their jewelry kept at the same length



  Wrap Bracelet (B1)  

        Up tp  8.5" in length
 Labor Fee $30 per bracelet


Coin Wrap Bracelet (B2)

Without knots in between beads          
Max. 8.5" in length 
Labor Fee $25 

          Power Wrap  Bracelet (B3)         

Up to 8.5"     Labor Fee $35

9"to 16.5"       Labor Fee $45

17" to 21"       Labor Fee $55


Elastic Bracelet (B4)   

 5"- 9 " in length     

Labor Fee $12    


Coin Wrap Necklace (N1)   

 Without knots in between beads  
Max. Length 25"
Labor Fee $35

Coin Wrap Necklace (N2)  

With knots in between beads       
Labor Fee $1 per knot       


One Drop w/ Coin Wrap Necklace (N3)   

Beaded necklace on a nylon thread
one coin wrap and one stone drop pendant
Labor Fee $40