Welcome to Beads of Paradise, New York City. We are happy to be taking repairs for Energy Muse. If you have a repair, please send it to:

Beads of Paradise
Attn: Energy Muse Repairs
16 East 17th Street
New York, NY 10003

Please send us an e-mail to let us know your pieces are coming and also include your contact information (Shipping Address, Phone Number, and E-mail Address) to info@beadsofparadisenyc.com

 *When send out your jewelry to us please use a padded envelope or a small box to protect the jewelry from getting damaged during transportation.

*You can expect to have your jewelry back to you in approximately 7-10 days after the date we received. However, some repairs may require us to order supplies to complete the repairs. Therefore, it may take a little longer than the normal timeframe.

 *For the customers whose jewelry is not on the labor fee's list (below) and want to know the cost of their repairs before shipping it to us. Please email us a clear photo of your jewelry and we can try our best to determine the total repair cost for you. Keep in mind that since we don't have the actual jewelry in front of us certain jewelry is difficult for us to determine the labor fee.

*Please DO NOT send us a "Check". Once we have determined the cost of the labor fees and materials needed to complete your repairs; we will send you an invoice through a secured link for you to pay. If you do not have an email or if you prefer to pay over the phone you can write us a note when you send your jewelry in and we will call you as soon as we figure out the total cost of your order. 

*Beads of Paradise is not responsible for lost or stolen packages in transit. 


We will ship out your jewelry via USPS, UPS,FED EX, and DHL.You will get to select your preferred shipping method and shipping carrier when we send you the invoice. 

Wrap Bracelet (B1)  

6mm size beads or larger          
Max. 8.5" in length
Labor Fee $25 ( 6mm size beads or larger)
  Labor Fee $30 ( 5mm size beads or smaller)


Coin Wrap Bracelet (B2)

Without knots in between beads          
Max. 8.5" in length 
Labor Fee $25 

          Power Wrap  Bracelet (B3)         

8.5" or less  in length     Labor Fee $30

9"-15" in length      Labor Fee $40

16" or more    Labor Fee $40 + $1/each inch added

Elastic Bracelet (B4)   

 5"- 9 " in length     

Labor Fee $12     


Coin Wrap Necklace (N1)   

 Without knots in between beads  
Max. Length 25"
Labor Fee $30

Coin Wrap Necklace (N2)  

With knots in between beads       
Labor Fee $1 per knot       


One Drop w/ Coin Wrap Necklace (N3)   

Beaded necklace on a nylon thread
one coin wrap and one stone drop pendant
Labor Fee $35