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Jade Lucky Elephant Pendant

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  • Fine Jade Elephant with Lucky Raised Trunk in tones of rich olive green.
  • The Symbolism of an Elephant trunk being raised up is a sign of Good Luck, Fortune and Optimism. In Asian Cultures, the Elephant is viewed as a majestic animal and is a symbol of Strength and Astuteness. An image of an Elephant being ridden depicts happiness. In history, Elephants were owned by royalty, and thought to be ridden by the Gods; they are also a symbol of Power. Some believe an Elephant with a raised trunk is not only symbolic of Good Luck, but may enable the wearer to Persevere and Overcome and Obstacles in their Path.
  • Jade has always had a very special significance in Asia, comparable with that of Gold and Diamonds in the West. Today, this gemstone is regarded as a symbol of the good, the beautiful, and the precious. In folklore, Jade embodies the Confucian virtues of wisdom, justice, compassion, modesty and courage, yet it also symbolizes the female-erotic. Jade is also believed to be a lucky stone, and encourages good health and prosperity. It is rumored that slipping a piece of Jade under one's pillow can enhance dreams. 
  • Measures approx. L 1 1/2" x W 1"
  • Highly skilled Traditional Artisan hand carving from China.