19th or Earlier Century Bronze Mudra Right Hand Fragment Arm on Base

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  • 19th or Earlier Century Bronze Mudra Hand Fragment Arm on Base
  • Measures approx. 17" x 21" x 5"
  • FRAGMENT of an UPRAISED BUDDHA ARM of a larger than life size Buddha Statue.
  • BRIAN'S MUDRA VERSION:  The Upraised Palm in this Mudra might have had the Hand Mudra in SEVERAL OTHER POSTURES TO CONVEY MEANING.
  • My Family is Thai, and to our beliefs and Local Knowledge, the Upraised Palm may be a FRAGMENT of a Mudra which means STOP FIGHTING, or, equally threatening, STOP THE RAIN, STOP THE FLOOD.
  • This Statement/ Recount matches the description below:
  • The Upraised Palm in this Mudra is the Abhaya Mudra, a Symbol of Fearlessness and Protection. The left hand is in the Meditation (Dhyana) Mudra, while the right hand is upright with the palm facing outward. All fingers are pointing up towards the heavens. Typically the right hand is at chest or shoulder level.
  • Feng Shui Best Placement: This Mudra is related to the notion of Fierce Compassion and Strength, where you can let go when it’s necessary. This Mudra may be helpful in your home when you need to strengthen your Boundaries while still opening your Heart with Confidence. Boundaries are related to Earth Element and so this Mudra can invite more Fearlessness in How You Engage with the World.
  • Origin is Burma Border with Thailand